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Mission, Vision & 值


It boils down to a few simple words: meet the moment.

Every part of the Queens experience is built to set you up for success in life. From our location, 致我们的员工, to 我们的资源, and even Miss Betty’s cookies (which transform bad days into best ones). In all seriousness, we don’t take the responsibility of you trusting us with your future lightly—so we’ve devoted ourselves to one thing—preparing you for it.

Queens University of 夏洛特 aims to provide transformative educational experiences that nurture intellectual curiosity, promote global understanding, encourage ethical living and prepare individuals for purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Students having book club in resident quad

What we see in our future.

Queens University of 夏洛特 will be recognized as a leading comprehensive university, distinguished by its commitment to transforming the lives of its students and enhancing the intellectual and cultural fabric of its community.

Student speaker at commencement
Behind the vision

Who’s leading the way?

Our 21st president of Queens, 丹尼尔·G. 卢戈, is not only a distinguished and well-respected higher education professional, but an inspirational leader and innovator in the field of resource development. 卢戈 began his service as president of Queens University of 夏洛特 on July 1, 2019. He was named president after serving in key 领导 positions at three of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions. These roles included vice president of college advancement at Colby College, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Franklin and Marshall College, and associate dean of admissions at Carleton College.

“In today’s world, personal and professional achievement rarely has a straight trajectory,” 卢戈 writes. “What is far more valuable is a mindset — a mindset that emphasizes flexibility, 完整性, critical thinking skills, a strong work ethic, 领导, a global perspective, and an ability to respond quickly to both challenges and opportunities. “At Queens, we nurture this mindset.”

Students sitting in resident quad

Focus on Students

We value the factors which foster student success: an intimate learning environment, excellence in teaching, intellectual curiosity and an education grounded in the liberal arts tradition, one which develops critical thinking, 创造力, communication, commitment to ethical behavior, responsible citizenship and which serves as a foundation for successful and fulfilling lives.

Students eating in Trexler courtyard

完整性 & 尊重

We value a sense of caring and community, seek to promote diversity and respect for all people and we recognize the importance of personal 完整性 and ethical action.

Tower on resident quad


We value and are committed to those who learn and work at Queens, and we are proud of our university. We will responsibly manage our heritage, 我们的资源, and our reputation in the community to ensure that we remain a source of pride for our students, 教师, 工作人员, 捐助者, 和校友.

Students taking selfie with flowers

创造力 & 创新

We value creative and innovative thinking and acting, both in the classroom and in advancing Queens toward its vision as a leading comprehensive university and a community asset.

Students club helping students


We value responsibility and service to the society at large, in keeping with our Presbyterian connection and as expressed in our motto, “Not to be served, 但是为了服务.”


The method behind the motto.

Non ministrari sed ministrare, or “not to be served, 但是为了服务.”
Our motto, at its core, is a lifestyle. Giving to others is one of the core principles that are taught at Queens. We adopted the motto in 1930 from the seal of Chicora College for Women when the school merged with Queens. “Non ministrari sed ministrare” replaced the original Queens College motto of “nisi dominus frustra” which translates as “without the Lord, everything is in vain.”

Royals are committed and intentional in their efforts to impact the world around them. Students seek opportunities for service everywhere—in class, 通过俱乐部, on international mission trips, and even independently. This is just one of the ways we show up for our community.